When the artist Luciano Garbati created his sculpture of Medusa holding Perseus’ severed head — an inversion of the centuries-outdated fantasy — feminism was not what he had in thoughts.

He was not contemplating of the #MeToo motion either: Mr. Garbati had developed the operate in 2008, practically a ten years in advance of the motion went mainstream.

Mr. Garbati, an Argentine artist with Italian roots, was encouraged by a 16th-century bronze: Benvenuto Cellini’s “Perseus With the Head of Medusa.” In that do the job, a nude Perseus retains up Medusa’s head by her snaky mane. Mr. Garbati conceived of a sculpture that could reverse that story, imagining it from Medusa’s point of view and revealing the lady driving the monster.

On Tuesday, Mr. Garbati’s sculpture — “Medusa With the Head of Perseus” — was reimagined as a symbol of triumph for victims of sexual assault, when it was unveiled in Lower Manhattan, just throughout the street from the criminal courthouse on Centre Street.

A information release marketed the statue as an “icon of justice,” noting that the towering, practically 7-foot-tall Medusa stood across from the constructing wherever guys accused of sexual assault throughout the #MeToo movement had been prosecuted, which includes Harvey Weinstein, who had been convicted of two felony sexual intercourse crimes there in February. (The notion for the web-site predated the demo, but the sentiment remained.)

Standing in the middle of Obtain Pond Park, Medusa — her gaze minimal and intense — holds a sword in her remaining hand and Perseus’ head in her suitable. The head was developed right after the artist himself — a convenient design.

In his software to the city’s Artwork in the Parks application, which testimonials proposals for public artwork installations like this just one, Mr. Garbati noted that Medusa experienced been raped by Poseidon in the Temple of Athena, in accordance to the fantasy. As punishment, Athena turned her wrath on Medusa, reworking her hair into snakes. The software mentioned that the story had “communicated to ladies for millennia that if they are raped, it is their fault.”

At Tuesday’s unveiling in the park, the place the statue will stand until the close of April, Mr. Garbati talked about the 1000’s of girls who had prepared to him about the sculpture. Numerous saw the image as cathartic, he stated.

But for some on the net commentators, the sculpture did not rather meet the instant. As news about the sculpture’s prepared set up spread, activists and observers on social media wondered why a piece of artwork intended to honor the #MeToo motion — which was animated, in big section, by an outpouring of personalized tales from women of all ages — was created by a man.

Other folks questioned why, if the sculpture was supposed to be about sexual violence, Medusa carried the head of Perseus and not Poseidon, her rapist. And some questioned the selection to depict Medusa as a lithe, classically attractive nude determine when she was explained as a monster.

Mr. Garbati stated in an job interview that, by now, his sculpture experienced a form of independence from him, a everyday living of its personal made by outsiders’ observations and interpretations.

“I would say I am honored by the reality that the sculpture has been decided on as a image,” he claimed. He observed how the complete challenge had assisted him know that he was a “product of a patriarchal society” himself.

As for the concern of mythological accuracy, Mr. Garbati stated his get the job done was a immediate response to Cellini’s sculpture, which depicts the story of Perseus slaying Medusa and then applying her severed head as a weapon, harnessing her electrical power of turning folks to stone with her stare.

Bek Andersen, a photographer who labored with Mr. Garbati to install the sculpture in Reduce Manhattan, isn’t bothered by the gender of the artist.

“To me, it is fascinating that the artist is a guy,” she stated in an interview. “I imagine gentlemen feel remaining out of the Me-Also conversation, and I assume they’re afraid of what it means for them.”

In 2018, a ten years following the generation of the unique resin sculpture, visuals of Mr. Garbati’s sculpture began to distribute on the web. It obtained meme standing after he posted pictures of the perform on Fb, and it was utilised as a symbol of female rage when the #MeToo movement dominated the information.

Ms. Andersen’s involvement commenced all over that time. Scrolling by Instagram in mattress, she saw a photo of the work, and was immediately taken with it, particularly since of her fascination in mythological characters and the strategy of “flipping the script.”

Mr. Garbati’s sculpture was exhibited in a storefront pop-up gallery on the Bowery in 2018. With the support of an anonymous donor, Ms. Andersen and Mr. Garbati launched the Medusa With the Head job and started off to produce 12-inch replicas of the piece, which provide for $750 each and every. (Ten % of the proceeds are donated to the Nationwide Women’s Law Middle.)

Previous weekend, even just after criticism of the new sculpture bubbled up on Twitter, Ms. Andersen reported, the miniature replicas marketed out on the site.

“Destabilizing the narrative as instructed by way of a patriarchal lens is truly where the ability of the get the job done lies,” Ms. Andersen reported. “It causes a man or woman to pause.”